A New Study Supports Shoes As A Source of Pain Relief


(NewsUSA) - One in four American adults suffers from chronic knee pain, so an accessible, non-surgical solution should come as welcome news.

A recent study out of UCLA indicates that GDEFY® medically engineered shoes could be that solution. In fact, study participants wearing the GDEFY shoes with patented VersoShock® technology reported an average reduction in knee pain of 85%, as well as significant decreases in other common conditions.

A double-blind, randomized study conducted at Olive View UCLA Medical Center, recently published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, shows that wearing shoes with VersoShock soles decreases knee pain by up to 85% vs. wearing shoes with conventional soles during prolonged standing and walking. After five weeks, participants using the GDEFY intervention sole shoe -- with shock-absorbing VersoShock technology -- reported an average reduction in knee pain of 85%, significantly better than participants using the traditional sole shoe (P < .01), whose average pain scores increased. Also observed were positive effects on back, ankle and foot pain in those with the intervention sole shoe, compared with the traditional sole shoe.

Alexander Elnekaveh founded Gravity Defyer Medical Technology Corporation in 2008 after his 14-year-old nephew was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his heel. Even after successful heel surgery, physical therapy and help from leading doctors in pain management, Elnekaveh's nephew had little chance of walking pain-free again. But Elnekaveh, an inventor, wasn't satisfied with that prognosis, so he assembled a team of top podiatrists, physical therapists, biochemical and material engineers (Impact Research Technology Group) to help him develop the first Gravity Defyer (GDEFY) shoe with VersoShock technology.

"Our mission is to maximize comfort and boost performance for people who have foot biomechanics that keep them from walking properly and to enable normal pronation," says Elnekaveh.

"This study proves what we've known all along: that our breakthrough VersoShock technology provides the ultimate pain relief in a way no other shoe can."

To accommodate customers at work, home and play, GDEFY men's and women's footwear comes in several styles, widths and sizes. All shoes come with a polyurethane removable insole to adjust to one's comfort preference.

GDEFY footwear is available online at www.gdefy.com or in GDEFY stores throughout the country, as well as in most premium independent shoe retailers, including The Walking Company, Nordstrom, DSW and Dillard's. GDEFY continues to expand its presence, bringing pain-relieving footwear closer to feet everywhere.