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Almost a Serial Killer“Almost a Serial Killer”
by Margaret Lashley       

She took a stab at stardom. It stabbed back.  

“The Golden Girls” meets “Married to the Mob” in this madcap mystery series packing Mafioso-style mayhem peppered with a generous dollop of Southern-style sarcasm. A laugh-out-loud treat sure to satisfy fans of cozy mysteries and women’s fiction alike.  

When wannabe actress Doreen Diller takes a job with her celebrity crush, his new acting gig takes them on location to St. Petersburg, Florida. What awaits Doreen in the Sunshine State will seal her fate -- in the form of a role she didn't see coming and a family she didn’t bargain for. “Almost a Serial Killer” is book one in a brand-new series by Margaret Lashley, author of the best-selling “Val Fremden Midlife Mystery Series.”

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Please Cooperate“Please Cooperate”
by Jeffrey Harper  

Sweet, funny and moving, “Please Cooperate” is a socially observant, emotionally warm, resonant and tartly wrought novel for fans of Tom Wolfe, Jay McInerney and Nick Hornby. The book is a lament for, a love letter to -- and a comedy of bad manners about -- middle-class life in New York and America.  

In exquisite, often hilarious, detail, the novel portrays how a once-happy building of caring, supportive neighbors come together for the wedding of a resident. But the recent arrival of rich young owners changes everything.  

Friendships and love relationships fray until acts of betrayal and hostility -- and the demonstrations of the power of money and social class -- transform forever the lives of the characters and their once-perfect lives together.

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“My Name is EdwardMy Name Is Edward
by Annmarie Topel  

In a chance meeting, a powerful businesswoman named Ann and a troubled homeless man named Edward take a journey together that is as heart-wrenching as it is heartwarming -- a work of passion inspired, in part, by true events.  

While Edward battles his inner demons and struggles to stay alive on the streets, Ann relentlessly works to gain his trust and find him a home to call his own. As she fights to save the man she barely knows, she’s forced to confront the wounds from her own past. Through the twists and turns of this unlikely friendship, we’re taken on an emotional ride that touches the heart and opens the eyes. One reviewer writes, “It was riveting. A new author with a great future!”  

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Forensic Data Collections 2.0“Forensic Data Collections 2.0”
by Robert Fried  

Modern-day investigations frequently require the identification, preservation and collection of electronic evidence from a variety of data sources. The field of digital forensics is constantly evolving, and it is vital for all parties involved to work together to understand where relevant data is stored, and how it can be accessed and collected, in a forensically sound manner that is defensible and efficient.  

Aspiring forensic practitioners, investigators and even those who have experience with eDiscovery as an attorney, litigation support specialist or professional services provider, are provided a clear and concise understanding of what to expect, and what may need to be asked of the parties involved, when encountering today’s most common data sources during an investigation.

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